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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Top Albums of 2006

whats kickin music people... Im BuG... you might have heard me fillin in for air people of most recently covering thursday nights.. well im actually the operations manager.. sweet behind the scenes stuff......2006 has definatly kept it rockin with tons of great albums released this year. It was to tough for me to pick the best albums of the year especially since there is so much music out there that i haven't herad yet... so i've compiled a list, in no particular order, of albums that will be the albums i remember from this year.

1) The Long Winters- Putting the days to bed

These guys came by the WTMD studio and let me tell you... John Roderick is a freakin riot... They rolled up in a van that looked like it was about to burst it was packed so tightly... then they came in to play a few songs for us... they did an acoustic performance for us but they didn't want to lezve the drummer out so they let him play some of the cardboard boxes we had lying around.. they also added some kazoo on a stripped down version of Teaspoon. You can hear the interview with the long winters at our podcast page.

2) Gran Bel Fisher- Full Moon Cigarette

From another artist who stopped by the WTMD studio, Full moon cigarette is an amazind album.. Getting some national recognition from Grey's Anatomy Gran Bel Fisher has been making quite a name for himself... When he came by the studio he was one of the nicest guys i ever had the pleasure of working with.. He played a couple songs in the studio with a small live audience compiled of WTMD Frontpersons. Heres a clip of him playing on the fox morning show...

3)Thom Yorke - Eraser

I don't think i even have to say anything about this one.... its Thom Yorke at his best.. with deep melodies and haunting lyrical stlye this album was one of my top favorites... Plus seeing Radiohead this past summer at Bonnaroo change my freakin life.....

4)The Decemberists - The Crane Wife

Frontman Colin Meloy continues to craft magically inventive, character-driven story songs rooted in British folk. i almost felt stupid putting this on here cause everyone else was but then i thought about it and it really was one of the best...

5) The Kooks - Inside in, Inside out

I just got these guys ablbum like a few weeks age but WOW...... Its freakin amazing... its everything you could ever want out of an album... In a world of pop and hip hop, its nice to know that somebody can still make a sweet rock album... Here's a clip of them playing for like over 100 thousand people...

This is only the beginning... keep an eye out for the rest of my top ten ... coming soon....

keep rockin music people


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