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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Membership Assistant's Top 10 of all time...

Hey everybody it's Jessica with my Top 10- but I am telling you what, I lost sleep over this decision. I have about a million all time favorite songs and my list keeps changing but this is what I am feeling today so here they are in no particular order...
1.Chris Cornell (of course)- Moonchild
The whole "Euphoria Morning" album is amazing.
2. The Beatles- In My Life
This is the song I sing in my head when I am in a funk. Brings me out of it every time.
3. Aerosmith- Janie's Got a Gun
Reminds me of driving to Disney World with the fam when I was 12- we listened to the "Pump" album the entire way. I still love it.
4. Pink Floyd- Learning to Fly
5. Widespread Panic- Don't Tell the Band
From the album of the same name, this is a great song about music in a crisis situation. The band plays on...
6. Michael Jackson- Thriller
This was my first "favorite song" when I was little. We had the video on VHS and I liked to watch it at least 4 times a day. But it was kinda scary for me to watch since I was so young (maybe 5-ish?) so my parents had to watch it with me. Every single time. Leading me to believe that this song would probably be on their least favorite of all time list from having heard it WAY too often.
7. Pearl Jam- Sittin on the Dock of the Bay
Vedder sounds great singing this classic song. Don't get me wrong, Otis is good too, but I love me some Eddie Vedder.
8. Carole King- So Far Away
9. James Taylor- Fire and Rain
Even though it makes me sad, still an all time fave.
10. Bread- The Guitar Man


Anonymous said...

It's cool that there's no relatively new music in your top tens. Music lovers ya say? More like 100.7 lovers. Sad, really. WTMD could be so good.

Steve said...

Thanks for your comments. Please remember the everyone at WTMD is in fact a real person. So many folks feel free to be insulting on the web and without leaving their name or contact information.

I can tell you that, in deed, there are many new songs on our own personal lists. Pehaps not as many as you would like, but is that any reason to be rude?