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Monday, April 23, 2007

Alphabet City

OK, it's my turn up to bat for our A-Z fundrive.

Alison Kraus- beautiful voice and fiddle proves a Grammy winning combo.
Bo Deans- I must have seen the boys from Waukesha, Wisconsin half a dozen times. A modern day Everly Brothers.
Chris Whitley- late slide player may finally be getting his long deserved due on DISLOCATION BLUES with Aussie bluesman Jeff Lang.
Dan Penn- I'm a sucker for soul and Dan, uh, penned...some of the greatest: "Do Right Women, Do Right Man", "Dark End of the Street" and "I'm Your Puppet." Check out his solo record DO RIGHT MAN.
Echo and the Bunnymen- Sporting wispy, eraser hairstyles, E + TB crafted some of the 80's darkest and catchiest tunes.
FEIST- brimming with talent...can't wait for the new record.
David Gray- I'm still partial to those early recordings like A CENTURY ENDS and FLESH. David's vocals were inspired, raw and passionate...kind of like the first Ray LaMontagne album.
H.E.M.- soft spot in my heart for my first guests on MORNING SESSIONS. They work well in commercials too.
Chris Isaak- a man that continues to humbly make the kind of music he grew up loving. And he had a damn good tv show that I miss!
The Jam- I love Paul Weller and I happen to come of age (if you can call 10 years old "of age") during the whole punk/mod thing over in England. "Going Underground" is still one of my all time faves.
Keane- the things these three guys can do with a piano, a high-octave voice and crafty songwriting amazes me with every listen. Big, big sound!
Lyle Lovett- two "L's" for good measure! There's nothing more fun than a Lyle Lovett show
Morrissey- A guy that can inspire Elvis-like devotion and make misery such lovely company, I tip my hat and insert my cd's.
Norah Jones- Still drinking the Kool Aide
The Oranges Band- I get a huge kick out of the Oranges- Roman's voice is just one of those distinctive instruments that you never forget and their sunny approach to music can't help but make you smile. Honoarble mention to The Ocean Blue.
Paul Weterberg- There are few artist whose influence on some of your current TMD favorites is so profound.
Queen- duh!
Radiohead- making prog rock sound credible, gotta love Thom Yorke.
Scissor Sisters- you know, I would normally leave this one to Steve, but after watching them on the Brit Awards...wow!
Talking Heads- here come three of my favorites of all time...
U2- you expected Carrie Underwood?
Vietnam- So far, they've got my favorite album of 2007.
Wilco- can't wait for the show at MPP!
Xavier Rudd- love this guy! An Australian surfer with something to say.
Yellowman- Clint Thomas would love me for this one! Jamaica's first dancehall reggae superstar!
the Zutons....

OK, now it's your turn!

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