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Monday, April 23, 2007

The Membership Assistant's Favorite Artists- A to Z

Go A to Z with TMD!
This took me forever... try it! It's tough to choose.
A- Aerosmith and Annie Lennox
B- Beck and The Beatles
C- Chris Cornell (duh) and Counting Crows
D- Dylan and The Decemberists
E- Eric Clapton and Eminem
F- Feist
G- Gomez
H- Heart
I- Incubus
J- Janis Joplin
K- The Killers
L- Liz Phair
M- Modest Mouse
N- Norah Jones
O- Ozzy
P- Pearl Jam
Q- Queen
R- Damien Rice
S- Snoop and Soundgarden
T- Tori Amos
U- U2
V- Van Morrison and Violent Femmes
W- Widespread Panic
Y- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Z- Ziggy Marley

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