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Thursday, April 26, 2007

From A to Z...

Let's start at the top...

A - Alexi Murdoch...our very first emerging artist and one of the most authentic artists around today.

B - Beck...always one step ahead.

C - Cash...Johnny Cash

D - Dylan...nuff said

E - Elvis...

F - Fools & Horses...gotta get some B-More music in this list

G - Gnarls Barkely...still crazy

H - Hendrix...

I - Iron & Wine...one of the few artists who can write songs that are 9 minutes + and I still want more...

J - Jeff Buckley...one can only imagine

K - The Killers...they make me wanna drive really fast

L - Lily Allen...what a firecracker

M - Dave Matthews Band...possibly the most grounded band in rock n roll

N - Neil or Norah...pick one

O - Oasis...whether the music or the bickering, you gotta love it all!

P - Pearl Jam...Ten is still one of the most freq. played records in my CD player

Q - Quincy Jones...HE PRODUCED THRILLER!!!

R - Red Hot Chili Peppers...John Frusciante is an amazing story himself, but a band that just seems unstoppable

S - Stones'....Rolling, Sly, Joss

T - Traffic...Mr. Fantasy still one of the greatest debuts of all-time

U - U2...that's an easy one

V - Vans...Morrison & Hunt

W - Waits...I'm working my way backwards through his catalogue and it is truly amazing

X - X

Y - Yusuf...aka Cat Stevens, I feel like I'm cheating on this one, but it's getting tough

Z - Zappa...let's end with another tie to B-More

1 comment:

Samantha said...

I really like the A-Z idea! I've alread completed my list but I was just looking over the lists in this blog and noticed a shortage of votes for Bright Eyes and M. Ward. Where's the love people? I saw Buckley on one list. Heck yes! It'll be intersting to see what makes it on air. Have you thought about selling a set of CD's with the final picks?